I just discovered an engaging, dynamic blog titled Alphabet Salad. As a meaningful, possibly attainable, alternative to pie in the sky new year’s resolutions, the author has come up with a 2015 Word of the Year + Link-up. The thought is to use just one word to affect the change you want to see in your life. I love this idea. It’s simple, it’s a mantra, and it just might work. The hard part for me was choosing the word.

As a lover of words, it loomed impossible to pick one inspirational word for the new year. There are so many, too many, to choose from. How to express all my desires for everything I hope to be, or hope will be, in one word?  Regularly, because of this occupational hazard, in my writing, I end up with a gaggle of them when one will do. So this idea of editing, cutting it down to the very heart of the matter, attracted me. Now selected, my 2015 word will be a Peep, which I proclaim as less than a Tweet, for the coming months. My hope is that it will infuse my thinking and expand my vision. Surprising myself, going with my gut, and with very little pondering, I chose “Wonder.”

This year I want to be full of it. I want to wonder what will happen next. I want to wonder what will happen if….I want to imagine things I’ve never before dreamed of. I want to be curious, and be surprised by the wonder of of it all. Because you never know where your inspiration might come from.

So I will be open and I will look at the smallest to the grandest with wonder. I will strive for a sense of amazement, a thrill of discovery. I will remember what it was like to lurch off into the darkness of The Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, like a child.

Do you have a single word of inspiration to share?  I’d love to hear it, and so would others.

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    Thank you so much for your very kind words about my blog – I am so glad you found my post and decided to join in as we choose a word for the year! And I do love the word you picked – so many depths of meaning in “wonder” that I can see how it inspires and intrigues you. All the very best to you for a wonder-filled 2015!

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    I love your word of ‘wonder’ – such a choice word! It makes me think of being wide-eyed like a child in love with life exploring and ready to learn and grow. May you enjoy a wonder-full 2015! 🙂 <3

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