Hit Refresh

Welcome to a rebirth-a new beginning for my blog. I have to say it, I’m not fond of that word. It sounds to my ears too much like the word we use to mimic going on and on about nothing.  And when I began this blog several years ago my intention was to write, not blather.  I had just moved to our home in, what seemed to me then, the country.  Now I realize its really not all that country, not by Texas standards.  But by the standards of streets with curbs and road lights and backyards with smallish boundaries, then, yes, our two acres is country.

What excited me most was the prospect of gardening in my new expanse.  And the idea of cooking from that garden. More than anything on this site, I wanted to write about my experiences with all of it, my thoughts and feelings about it.  I didn’t understand that maybe readers of a food blog just wanted recipes.  But as much as I love food, it’s words that drive my passion.  I realized I wasn’t prepared to formulate recipes, execute, photograph, follow others, etc.  Matter of fact, in these last few years I’ve strayed so far from recipes that I want to shout out to everyone I know “Get in the kitchen! Throw out the books! Cook like a mad scientist!”  Really, though, I use recipes, but less and less without messing with them in some way.  The garden has taught me the kind of cooking my grandmother did; working with what you’ve got, using your very own inventiveness and putting together a meal.

I also became sidetracked and engrossed with writing a book, which I am still working on, but close to finishing.

But for several reasons I’ve decided to give new life to my old digital tome.  This time, like before, it will be about the words.  And I will try to share with you what I’ve learned in the kitchen and the garden, and also about life, for what it’s worth. So I may not post every week, because, with the writerly obsession of tweaking and editing, it may take me a while to finally decide something is finished and ready for your eyes—whoever, and wherever you may be.  

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